Minnesota Egress Window Requirements & Law

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The word egress means a place of escape or an exit. Egress windows are just that, a way of escape in case of an emergency. Many local and state governments have egress window laws or requirements. Most laws dictate that egress windows must be installed when finishing a basement. Many homes have window well escape systems installed. Not always the most attractive feature on a house, a window well system can be a costly addition to a home.

Minnesota’s Egress Requirements

The state of Minnesota dictates that any basement with a habitable living space must provide some means of egress (or escape). For egress windows this means the opening must be large enough for a full grown adult to move through. For newly installed egress windows the following requirements must be met.

1.       Minimum net clear opening must be equal to or greater than 5.7 ft2 (821 in 2).

2.       20” minimum net clear opening width

3.       24” minimum net clear opening height.

4.       Maximum height from finished floor to finished sill of escape-rescue window is 44”

For egress windows and rescue windows with sill heights lower than the surrounding ground elevation shall have a surrounding window well. Window wells used with escape, egress or rescue windows shall comply with IRC R310:

Can I place bars, grilles or similar devices on egress or emergency windows, window wells or doors?

1.       The device equipped with approved release mechanism which can be opened from inside and outside the unit.

2.       The building has adequate smoke detectors installed in accordance with Section 317.

3.       Certain security grill systems require approval by the Department of Inspections prior to installation.

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